Forever together, forever remembered

Family history used to be found in books, video and newspapers. Our family´s history was told by the wise and not so wise but has never before been in the hands of the people it talks about . Our new QR technology allows families and friends to write a true history of a loved one who has passed.

Your time capsule allows a legacy of information about your family member or friend once passed with their music and pastimes and of course their pictures. Its a direct link to your own exclusive family history. Family and friends write their memories about their loved one with words and pictures. Always educating and inspiring those who come into contact with your family time capsule. Your time capsule allows their spirit to live on.

It contains photos , information and links to the deceased life their interests and more importantly, their history. With your family time capsule a tastefully engraved QR will be attached to each headstone or a family ashes Urn. This memorial serves as a doorway to learning more about the deceased and celebrating their waking life.

Remember the ones you love


Allow us to host in them all information we require to create your Time Capsule.

Scan it

Scan it and discover a direct link to your own exclusive online family history and gallery.

Time Capsule

Time Capsule is available 24h-365 days , allowing you to never forget the ones you love.

Always close to you.

Your family´s time capsule